Temporary Roofs


  • Temporary roofs for renovation projects
  • Temporary work shelters keep construction projects on schedule
  • Temporary buildings provide cost effective additional work areas.

This is a particular field that Tamworth Scaffolding Co Ltd specialise in, we have been erecting HAKI temporary roofs for more than 25 years and have invested year on year in large stocks of materials over that period of time, so you can rest assured that no matter what the size of the project we can provide the most effective solution to protect your construction site and make the work being carried out both comfortable and safe all year round in any type of weather.


Our experience means that we can work closely with our preferred design teams to come up with the most cost-effective solution to your requirements.


Over the years our teams have erected HAKI temporary roofs for a variety of different reasons, mainly for weather protection of buildings but also for production stages, parties and also industrial screens.


We can design and build temporary roofs either in-situ or crane-lifted that are extremely watertight and lightweight.


We can even incorporate sliding sections to enable you to crane-lift materials on site during the course of the project.